Vendor Advertising

Why Choose iTeacherRecruit?


iTeacherRecruit is a marketplace, not a job board, that consolidates K-12 education resources on one platform where teachers, career changers, relocators, venders, and education job seekers can control how they want to recruit and connect. 


iTeacherRecruit knows how important vendors are to the education market.  Our marketplace allows vendors to collaborate and highlight the services they bring to the market that they specifically service.  The vendor portal is all-inclusive for advertisements, banner displays, geo-targeting, CRM data, and marketing on one singular education platform

  • Our marketplace puts your services right in front of your target market
  • Banner displays 
  • Geo-target your advertisements directly to employers or teachers in specified zones
  • Inquire about our internal email marketing system to share information about your services
  • As a nonprofit teacher marketplace, by advertising through us, we maximize your operating budget and expenses while reaching your target audience directly


Contact an account representative today at 772-202-8038 for more information.  

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